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Step into the chic, modern Bake My Day café and your own day is instantly remade as fresh as the ciabattas, baguettes and other breads waiting to be transformed into your most memorable meal in weeks! Nothing smells – or tastes – as good as fresh-baked bread! And, if your main course sandwich is delicious, dessert “bakes your day” even better with decadently delicious cakes and pastries.

Chat with the cake artist and have your own birthday or wedding cake baked-to-order: see where your imagination and Bake My Day expertise can take you. Many a blushing bride and beaming birthday boy have had their special days made even more distinctive with a Bake My Day cake!

But even the light options, like the soups and salads, taste great at Bake My Day. Like the food, both the hot and the cold drinks are freshly prepared using only the best available inputs. Try a fruit smoothie or a flavoured tea or the wonderfully aromatic coffee. The Wi-Fi is free and company - groups and/or individuals - is always welcome. Sniff that homey, fresh-baked scent and you know why the British fine dining chef Nigel Slater chose to name his memoir “Toast” and not “Foie Gras”.

Sample Menu


Black Forest  TT$50 US$8
White & Dark Chocolate  TT$50 US$8
Chocolate Layer  TT$50 US$8
Chocolate Brownies  TT$20 US$3
Italian Cream  TT$50 US$8
Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake  TT$50 US$8
Various Cheesecakes  TT$65 US$10
Key Lime Pie  TT$50 US$8


Macademia & White Chocolate   TT$6 US$1
Chocolate Chunk / chip  TT$6 US$1

Soup of the day

Cream of Squash  TT$25/45 US$4/7
Seven Bean or Corn  TT$25/45 US$4/7
Cowheel Soup (Sat)  TT$30/45 US$5/7


Baked Ham / turkey / roast beef / chicken salad  TT$50 US$8
Tuna  TT$50 US$8
Cheese Steak  TT$50 US$8
Burger Fully-loaded (Fridays) TT$55 US$8
 With salad or fries $65 US$10


Caesar (add chicken) TT$50 / $60 US$8 / $9
Tuna Salad  TT$50 US$8
Chicken Salad  TT$50 US$8

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Call for Reservations
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PARKING: On site / Secure
PAYMENT: Visa, MC, debit/ cash
DINING: Air-conditioned/ Outdoor
DRESS: Casual
SERVING: Mondays through Saturdays from 10:30am to 6pm
Open for lunch, snacks, tea, dessert, takeaways.

  • Locate Bake my Day Shirvan Plaza, Shirvan Rd


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Call for Reservations
Click here to call us! 631-5273

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