Get the special treatement at Mesoreen

Café Bistro Mesoreen was named after proprietor Kirton Sorias' grandmother, whose special presence you feel the moment you enter – and receive your complimentary rum cocktail! You certainly taste Mesoreen’s influence in our Caribbean-international fusion menu, which offers far more than regular bistro fare, like our herb-roasted chicken. (We’re told our ribs are as good as anywhere in the world; we actually think they’re better!) It’s not oxymoronic to say everyone gets special treatment: come for a birthday and we’ll have your balloons and cake. We’re told our dining room is romantic but we love to serve whole families in Mesoreen-style. After their first meal with us, visitors often choose to come back every day for the rest of their holiday. We’re not surprised: we’ve worked hard for it. Please come. We're waiting for you. With a rum-punch in our hands.

Sample Menu


Bake-and-shark twist Coconut bake and shark fritters served on a bed of greens with a tamarind dip and chadon beni sauce. TT$70

Crab and dumplings Curried crabmeat stuffed in dumplings surrounded by a coconut curry sauce.  TT$65

Main Courses

Pork Ribs
 Served with Cafe Bistro's speciality barbecue sauce. TT$175

Lobster Grilled lobster topped with garlic butter or thermidor. TT$350

Herb-roasted Chicken With Mesoreen cranberry sauce. TT$170

Grilled Pork loin Grilled pork loin in a Royal Oak rum & pineapple sauce. TT$170

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Call for Reservations
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PAYMENT - Cash / Visa / MasterCard / Debit card
SERVING - Daily - from 6:30pm.

  • Cafe Bistro Mesoreen, Bon Accord, Tobago


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Call for Reservations
Click here to call us! 639-8726

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