Food for thought, big screens for sport, but the beer is the main event

At both their outlets, at One Woodbrook Place in Town and South Park in San Fernando, the notion of great grilled food in a relaxed setting is obviously important in a place called, “Island Beer Chill & Grill”. The well-made (and even more quickly and pleasantly served) menu includes all you’d expect from a high-end sports bar, plus house specialties like the Guinness-Infused Chicken and the Mayaro Crab Cakes.
But, for the aficionado of real ale and fine craft lager, pilsner, bock and wheat beers, as well as ciders and porters, “beer” is the crucial word in the name. Island Beer Chill & Grill serves more than 120 different beers from almost everywhere in the world, including England, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Japan, Germany, Mexico and the USA!
Thrill over your favourite sporting event on Port of Spain’s biggest screen – at 15 feet, you cannot miss a play – while enjoying the world’s best at Island Beer! There are always at least 22 brews fresh on tap, with even the pedantic palates offered gluten-free beer! In the air-conditioned dining rooms or on the open air covered decks, the mood is always celebratory – unless your team loses, of course, when you have 120-plus choices of how to drown your sorrows. Bring the kids, there’s a special menu for them.

Sample Menu


Blue Balls - $59
Hearty beef meat balls stuffed with creamy Blue Cheese, deep fried to juicy perfection and served in our tangy Buffalo Sauce.

Chicken Quesadilla - $85
A classic Mexican tortilla filled with salsa-seasoned chicken, served with melted cheddar cheese, guacamole, lettuce and sour cream.

Chicken Tender - $55
Our yummy hand breaded tenders are served with your choice of BBQ Sauce or Honey Mustard on the side. Never frozen!

Chorizo Nachos - $75
Authentic corn nachos served with an all American cheese dip with Portuguese chorizo sausage.

Crab Balls - $69
6 succulent bite sized crab balls, bursting with flavour served with Cajun dressing.

Fried Pickles - $50
A (1/2) pound of sliced juicy dill pickles dipped in our favourite beer batter and deep fried to golden perfection. A Southern USA classic!

Garlic Pork- $65
Traditional Portuguese dish made with bite-sized pieces of pork, marinated for days in garlic, wine, vinegar and an assortment of seasoning and then pan fried into a piece of heaven.

Jalapeno Poppers - $36 (spicy)
Specially prepared poppers stuffed with cheddar cheese and jalapeños, deep-fried with honey mustard on the side.

Mozzarella Sticks - $36
Our homemade seasoned breadcrumbs coat our fresh mozzarella sticks, which are deep-fried and served with our chef’s marinara Sauce.

Peanuts - $30
16 oz. of ground peanuts in its shell, marinated in our seasoned salt solution, served spicy or regular. You’ve got to taste this one!

Sweet Corn Nuggets - $36
Fresh sweet corn kernels from our sister company UPick Farms are breaded and then deep fried and served with a spicy Cajun dipping sauce.

Shrimp (BBQ or Garlic) - $85
6 large succulent grilled shrimp are served with our homemade BBQ or GARLIC butter for your dipping pleasure.


Smokey Corn Chowder- $44
Fresh from the UPick Farms, sweet corn cobs are smoked and then the kernels are ground into a delicious creamy soup served with chunks of potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Beef Brisket Soup -$59
Our creamy brisket soup is made with select slices of our fifteen (15) hour smoked brisket that’s simply heavenly.

Caesar Salad - $55
This classic salad combines romaine lettuce, and freshly baked croutons drizzled with a Caesar salad dressing and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

Fresh House Salad - $40
A flavourful fusion of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber served with Thousand Island dressing.


WOW (Want Our Wings)
Tasty, tenderly, smoked then fried to perfection chicken wings, served with your choice of sauces on top or on the side:
BBQ • Buffalo (spicy) • Sweet Chili (spicy) • Jerk (spicy)
9-12 oz (6-8 pieces) $70
18-24 oz (12-16 pieces) $135
36-48 oz (24-32 pieces) $270

BWW (Bacon Wrap Wings)
What’s better than bacon and wings? Our wings are wrapped with strips of smoked bacon and then deep fried until they reach crispy awesomeness.

Served with your choice of sauce on top or on the side:
BBQ • Buffalo (spicy) • Sweet Chili (spicy) • Jerk (spicy)
8-10 oz (5-6 pieces) $70
16-20 oz (10-12 pieces) $135
32-40 oz (20-24 pieces) $270


Coleslaw $20
French Fries $20
Side Salad $20
Corn On The Cob $20
Mac & Cheese $20
Onion Rings $20
Seasoned Wedges $20
Sautéed Vegetables $20
Vegetable Fried Rice $20
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $20
Garlic Bread $20
Fried Plantain $20
Sweet Potato Fries $25
Potato Balls $35

HEARTY SANDWICH (served with 1 side order)

Bacon Lover - $65
Juicy chopped bacon with cheddar cheese topped with crispy fried onions, served on a 6-inch hoagie.

Bacon Pulled Pork - $75
Shredded pork smoked for a minimum of 8 hours, topped with crispy, streaky bacon, our signature BBQ Sauce and coleslaw, served on a lightly toasted 6-inch hoagie.

Brisket Cheese - $75
Sliced slow smoked brisket with cheddar cheese, lettuce and BBQ Sauce, served on a 6-inch hoagie.

Crispy Golden Chicken - $55
Crispy fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and garlic sauce, served on a 6-inch hoagie.

German Hot Dog - $61
Smoked German sausage with coleslaw, chopped onions and pickles, served on a 6-inch hoagie.

I B C G Picanha Steak - $110
Brazilian classic 8oz grilled Picanha steak with lettuce, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese served on Ciabatta bread.

BUILD YOUR BURGER (served with French fries and 3 basic toppings of your choice)

Lamb Burger Plain $85
Beef Burger Plain $68
Pork Burger Plain $65
Fish Burger Plain $55
Veggie Burger Plain $55

Not enough? Add more toppings and build a better burger.
You can also add a patty or any other topping of your choice.

Additional Toppings

Basic: add for $3.00
Pineapple (slice)
Sweet Peppers
Home-made Potato Chips
Caramelized or Fried Onions

Regular: add for $5.00
Swiss Cheese
Blue Cheese
Fried Egg

Premium: add for $8.00
Feta Cheese

Add an extra patty:
Beef $35
Pork $35
Lamb $45
Fish $25
Veggie Pattie $25


Beef Sizzle - $149
Sizzling beef served on a hot plate with stir fired onions, bell peppers and mushrooms in a beer reduction.

Big Man Ribeye - $225
We’re keeping this classic simple. This juicy 8-10oz Rib-eye steak is char-grilled and serve with BBQ sauce on the side.

Fisherman Grill -$175
Cold smoked for 4 hours, herb rubbed, grilled salmon served with a mango and pineapple Caribbean salsa.

Grilled Shrimp Kebab -$125
Six (6) large tender shrimp dipped in our black pepper and lime based seasoning and grilled on two skewers, served with tomatoes, sweet pepper and pineapple.

Jerk Pork - $85
Our own Jamaican Jerk seasoning adds that extra “umph” to our slow smoked and then grilled to perfection pork belly.

Grilled Chicken - $65
A succulent grilled chicken breast topped with a Caribbean salsa of mango and pineapple.


Baby Back Ribs
1/2 Rack - $150 (served with 1 side)
Full Rack - $210 (served with 2 sides)
Our tender and succulent pork ribs are smoked for a minimum of 8 hours and glazed with our Signature BBQ Sauce, then grilled to perfection.

Texas beef Brisket
1/2 LB - $95 (served with 1 side)
LB - $155 (served with 2 sides)
Succulent slices of tender Brisket smoked for a minimum of 15 hours and served with our signature BBQ Sauce on the side.

BBQ or Jerk Chicken $65
Our chicken is marinated for 12 hours in our special seasonings then smoked for a minimum of 1 1/2 hours to perfection. Finished off on our char broiler and glazed with our delicious signature BBQ or JERK sauce.

Guinness Chicken $99
Served with garlic-mashed potatoes, locally grown Canadian sweet corn on the cob & a Guinness dipping sauce. Tenderly smoked chicken coated with a Guinness reduction sauce.


Australian Sliders
3 - 4oz Baby Burgers (your choice of: Beef, Lamb and Pork) served with fries - $80
6 - 4oz Baby Burgers (your choice of: Beef, Lamb and Pork) served with fries -$159

Cuba Grilled Meat - $280
Chunks of seasoned steak, boneless chicken, chorizo sausage and pork ribs mixed with
fried plantains, creole potatoes, lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

English Fish and Chips - $99
2 fillets of crispy white fish, served with tartar sauce and fries.

Trinidad Grilled Chicken & seafood - $240
8oz chicken breast, 6oz shrimp and 6oz grilled salmon, served with fries and a house salad.

Mayaro Crab Cake - $150
2 - 3oz crab cakes made of Mayaro crab meat is mixed with the chef’s grandmother’s secret herb formula to provide 2 crab cakes that burst in your mouth with flavour.
Served with 2 sides & Cajun dressing.


Fettuccine Alfredo - $50
Add: Chicken $25 Shrimp $45
Our creamy, full of flavour home made alfredo sauce is mixed with our pasta how mummy used to make it.
It’s one of the best pasta dishes you’ll ever taste.

Primavera Pasta - $50
Add: Chicken $25 Shrimp $45
Colourful blend of pasta and vegetables including carrots, broccoli and sweet peppers, tossed in the finest olive oil to make sure your taste buds are in Italy.

PARKING - On site
PAYMENT - Cash, credit & debit cards
DINING - Air-conditioned / Open air
DRESS - Elegantly casual. No shorts. No caps. No sleeveless shirts
ENTERTAINMENT - Piped music - The best of the 80s and 90s
SERVING - Monday - Thursday 3:00pm - 12:00am
Friday - Sunday 11:00am - 1:00am

  • Locate Chill & Grill One Woodbrook Place, Woodbrook, Port of Spain
  • Locate Chill & Grill South Park, Michael Rahael Boulevard, San Fernando,


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