Cocobel: chocolate with the power to seduce

Isabel Brash brings her architectural training towards designing Cocobel Chocolate. From bean selection – all single-estate Trinitario, the world’s most flavourful – through conception & design of each unique flavour, these are chocolate treasures created by a finalist of the 2016 Chamber of Commerce Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.
“fresh-baked Friday” – the second and fourth Fridays from April to November – is worth the trip for the free hot chocolate complementing the cookies, brownies and “blondies” it would be understatement to call “sinful”; Cocobel is about pleasure, not dieting, and they make no bones about making you happy.
Cocobel’s new chocolate bar flavours include 72% dark, coffee and cream (milk chocolate and coffee), máliaba (the Amerindian word for guava) and crème Creole (white chocolate with nibs) as well as the Felicity (milk chocolate with coconut, cashew and cardamom), named for the village Nobel Literature prizewinner poet Derek Walcott praised. Each bar is a work of art wrapped in another: the inaugural collection comes in a full-colour, cardboard envelope featuring Trinidadian multi-media artist Brianna MasterCardCarthy’s rendition of Cocobel herself. The beautiful envelope is designed to be re-used – but only for very special persons. Dark secrets of love, indeed!

Sample Menu

Chocolates Bars

Máliaba Single estate dark chocolate with guava cheese.
Felicity Single estate milk chocolate. Cashews, coconut & spice.
Crème Creole Single estate white chocolate with roasted nibs.
Coffee with Cream Single estate milk chcolate with coffee.
72% Dark chcolate Single estate Trinitario. 
each TT$80 US$12

Clear Gift Boxes

12 piece – TT$180 US$28
6 piece – TT$90 US$14
5 piece – TT$75 US$12
4 piece – TT$60 US$9

Specialty Gift Boxes

25 piece – TT$380 US$58
16 piece – TT$280 US$43
9 piece – TT$180 US$28

Filled Chocolate

Ponche de creme • Dark sorrel • Gingerbread spice • Paramin mint • Dark heart • Toasted coconut truffle • Expresso shot • Cashew coco crunch • Cashew cardamom • Hazelnut gianduja • Peanut sesame • Mango pepper • Ginger rum • 72% sinfully dark • Wild basil • Mystic spice • Caramel fleur de sel • Cinnamon caramel • Honey passion fruit • Bay leaf/marshmallow • Rum & raisin • Honeymilk • Guavas and cream • Pineapple chadon beni • Orange mousse • Tamarind.  Each TT$12 US$2

Other Chocolate Items

Barks Piña coco • Ginger • Nibble me.
2oz bag TT$38 US$6

Roasted Cocoa Beans 
4oz bag  TT$60 US$9
6oz gift pail TT$95 US$15

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Call for Reservations
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PARKING - Street (limited)
PAYMENT - Credit cards / Cheque
ENTERTAINMENT - Medulla Art Gallery downstairs
OPEN -Monday to Friday 10.30 am to 6 pm
Orders recommended

  • Locate Cocobel 37 Fitt St, Woodbrook, Port of Spain


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Call for Reservations
Click here to call us! 622-1196

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