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Most Courtyard Marriott hotels have a Centro restaurant – but none of them are like the Port of Spain Centro; this is a little restaurant doing a LOT with food, and far more than the most picky gourmand might demand. Constrained by kitchen size but liberated by the imagination of the late, much-loved, head chef Raymond Joseph, the Centro menu offers its largely international clientele the international dishes for which Centros are trusted worldwide as well as the best of local cuisine: the Marriot guest does not have to go to Maracas Beach for a shark-and-bake – and he or she wouldn’t get the fancy restaurant version there, anyway!

Head chef, Jeremy Lovell, who took the culinary baton from the late Raymond, his former colleague on the champion Trinidad & Tobago culinary team, has created fine dining versions of Trinidad’s best local dishes – but at casual restaurant prices! Centro grows all the herbs and vegetables it can in its own on-site kitchen garden, ensuring genuinely garden-fresh taste. Centro goes even beyond itself: book three days in advance and you can write your own menu for a party of ten or more. One of the greatest things this little restaurant does is exceptional banqueting.

Sample Menu


Buffalo shrimp Fried shrimp tossed in a tangy buffalo sauce. TT$110 US$17

Trini corn soup Served with freshly baked rolls. TT$55 US$8

Mexican chicken salad Greens, tomatoes, pineapple, onions, craisins and almonds. TT$85 US$13


Chilli cheese beef sandwich Sautéed beef in marinara topped with mozzarella, cheddar and Parmesan cheese.  TT$100 US$15

Carnival Sandwich Layered sliced grilled chicken, turkey, ham, bacon with melted cheddar cheese with lettuce and tomatoes in a toasted ciabatta roll. TT$100 US$15

Smoked salmon & spinach flatbread Smoked salmon, spinach and Alfredo sauce. TT$100 US$15

Flatbread caprese Traditional marinara sauce with melted mozzarella and fresh sliced tomatoes drizzled basil pesto and balsamic reduction. TT$70 US$11

Main Courses

10oz rib-eye steak Your choice of two sides: green salad, Caesar salad, coleslaw, fried plantaiin, Sautéed vegetables, baked potato, seasoned potato wedges, creamed potato, vegetable rice and or French fries. 
TT$290 US$45

Ray's favorite pasta Penne tossed with broccoli, oven-dried tomatoes, sweet peppers, kalamat olives and garlic served with your choice of Alfredo, marinara or olive oil. With chicken TT$120 US$18 With shrimp
TT$130 US$20

Caribbean jam-jam Shrimp, chicken, sausages and vegetables tosed in spices and rice. TT$150 US$23

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Call for Reservations
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PARKING - Onsite secure
PAYMENT - VISA / Mastercard / Debit
DINING - Air-conditioned
DRESS - Semi-formal / Business wear - Elegantly casual
SERVING – Daily 5pm-11pm

  • Locate Courtyard Marriott Invader’s Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain


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Call for Reservations
Click here to call us! 627-5555

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