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If you’re one of the many who love the dozen-and-a-half menu items served at the Hakka Express outlets all across Trinidad & Tobago, you owe it to yourself – and your palate – to make the pilgrimage to Hakka’s sit-down restaurant and bar in Woodbrook. If Hakka Express outlets are embassies, the Hakka restaurant is the mother country, where the menu is far wider and – it has to be confessed – even better! You can even customize your Hakka meal to your own gravy and spice levels and to your rice or noodle preference. Over a century ago, Hakka’s cuisine travelled from Mei Zhou, China, to Calcutta, India, with Hakka Chinese migrants, who married Oriental culinary techniques with Indian ingredients to create a new cuisine undeniably based on its constituent parts but unmistakably a far superior gastronomic whole. And one that might have been deliberately crafted for the spice-loving Trinidadian palate. The chefs, too, have travelled from Calcutta to Port of Spain to recreate the Hakka experience. Best of all, every dish on the dine-in menu is available for takeaway at the restaurant.

Sample Menu


Honey Chilli Chicken Wings Delectable chicken wings salted with soy, sautéed with garlic, onion, scallions and tomato sauce, heated with dried red chillies and delicately sweetened with a touch of pure honey TT$59 US$9

Crispy Chilli Mushroom (Spicy) Crunchy whole mushrooms tossed with garlic, onion, scallions and heated with our special Calcutta red chilli paste TT$49 US$8

Chicken Lollipop (Spicy) Drumettes marinated with garlic, wild coriander and our special Calcutta red chilli paste then fried and served with a spicy tomato and wild coriander sauce TT$59 US$9

Tom Yum (Thai) (Spicy) Thick, aromatic broth with black mushrooms and chopped tofu flavoured with garlic, wild coriander, ginger, tomato and fresh Calcutta chillies, topped with crunchy fried noodles, chicken or vegetable TT$27 US$4

Main Courses

Konjee Crispy Chicken (Spicy) Moist chicken breast slices crispy fried, heated with our special Calcutta red chilli paste and tossed with onions and scallions in a sweet & spicy Konjee sauce TT$69 US$11

Chilli Basil Fish (Thai) (Spicy) Morsels of fish cooked dry with Thai basil and select seasoned vegetables, flavoured with our amazing home-made chilli basil sauce TT$69 US$10

Beef Manchurian (Mild spicy) Tender pieces of beef delicately battered, fried and mixed in an authentic Manchurian ginger, garlic and wild coriander sauce TT$67 US$10

Hakka Special Thai Shrimp (Thai) (Spicy) Succulent pieces of shrimp stir-fried in our special, authentic Thai Nam Phrik sauce, containing no less than 200 ingredients, including various Thai and Chinese sauces TT$81 US$12

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PARKING - Daytime: street / Evening from 6 pm - 12 am at ESHE’s Learning Centre (Ariapita Ave.)
PAYMENT - Cash, credit & debit cards, Corporate cheques with ID
DINING - Air-conditioned / Open air
DRESS - Casually elegant
SERVING - Mon to Thurs 11am - 11pm / Fri & Sat 11 am - 12 am
Sundays from 11 am - 10 pm
Express - Sun to Thurs 10:30am - 9pm / Fri to Sat 10:30 am - 10 pm

  • Locate Haka 4 Taylor Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain
  • Locate Hakka Express - Starlite Shoppimg Plaza - Diego Martin
  • Locate Hakka Express Shoppes of Maraval
  • Locate Hakka Express Gulf City Mall - La Romain


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Call for Reservations
Click here to call us! 334-2552

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