A Trini-Chinese institution comes of age in Kam Wah

For fully 21 years, Kam Wah has been Port of Spain’s leading sit-down Chinese fine dining restaurant and, indeed, a Trinidadian institution. A near-complete 2016 rebuilding gave Kam Wah an edifice that properly reflects its standing in Trinidadian society, as well as its expansive menu and elegant dining rooms. The plush ground floor fine dining restaurant (accessed via Picton Street) creates an ambience befitting Kam Wah’s outstanding culinary breakthroughs, like the honey-garlic dishes Kam Wah served years before anyone else, or the spectacular dishes invented to honour Nam Long, the Guangzhou village to which Kam Wah retraces its roots. Kam Wah readily – and, it has to be said, easily – defends its boast of serving Trindad’s best crispy-skin pork, Peking duck and whole-roasted suckling pig. No other dim sum service even dares compete.
A family-owned-and-operated enterprise, Kam Wah’s perfectionist quality control was initiated in March 1995 by David & Chistopher on behalf of the Aleong Brothers Group, and has been assiduously maintained by ensuring that the hands-on manager is always a family member. The main chefs who certify every perfectly prepared dish as authentic are Aleong family relatives from Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Kam Wah’s more casual side is served well at the flagship building by its 21st Century, all-glass informal dining room (entered from Maraval Road) as well as by several express outlets.

Sample Menu

Nam Long (Small Plates)
Price range TT45-65 US$7-10

Pork & Beni Steamed Dumplings Pork and chandon beni dumpling.

Har Gow Plump and juicy, with chunks of shrimp barely visible through translucent dough.

Lamb in Hoisin Fried Dumplings House-made lamb dumpling.

Peking Duck With Pancakes

The Roll Bar (Rice Paper Rolls)
Price rangeTT$45-65 US$7-10

Vietnamese Summer Rolls Shrimp or chicken (gluten-free).

Fire Cracker Fried rice paper roll, shrimp and chilli.
Lobster Roll  Lobster salad with avocado.

From The Grill
Price range TT$60-80 (per ¼) US$9-12

Szechwan Lamb Tenderloin Skewer Grilled in cumin and chilli rub and dressed in black vinegar.

Fillet Nam Long Seared 8oz tenderloin steak, a marinade of ginger-soy and seared.

Seared Ahi Tuna In black sesame seeds.

Kamwah Favorites

Chicken in Hot Chilli Garlic Sauce  TT$45 US$8
Barbecued Ribs (half-rack). TT$100 US$17
Dasheen Pork  TT$60 US$10
Cantonese Chow Mein (Noodles). TT$85 US$14
Kam Wah Noodles Shrimp  TT$60 US$10

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PARKING - On site
PAYMENT - Credit cards / Cheques
DINING - Air-conditioned
DRESS - Casually elegant (evenings)
SERVING - Lunch and dinner
Mon - Wed 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Thurs - Sat 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
Dim Sum - First Sunday of every month
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Locate Kam Wah 74-76 Maraval Road, Port of Spain


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Call for Reservations
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