Tobago’s culinary secret, hidden in the open air

At Tobago’s southwest tip, on the leading edge of Sandy Point, you will find the Steak and Lobster Grill, where choice steaks and Tobago’s best lobster and seafood find their own natural home: there aren’t even walls to block the splendid, panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea from the dining room. Few dining rooms that are open on three sides manage to create the intimate, special ambience.

But, then, few have the whole Atlantic as a picture window.

The sights on the plate are almost as spectacular.

Part steakhouse, part seafood restaurant, all delicious, the menu is international with just the right amount of local flavour, with every food item grilled perfectly to order every time: after 21 years, they pretty much know what they’re doing. Fall in for Tobago’s best cup of morning coffee and you won’t refuse breakfast. Have breakfast and you’ll return for lunch. Come visit at happy hour and you’ll likely stay for dinner. Have the best steak or lobster – or the freshest fish – on island and you might find yourself wishing you had a room, too.

Sample Menu


PANCAKE BURGER 5oz of chopped steak, topped with egg and bacon, served in two pancakes with juice, coffee, tea or cocoa. TT$60 US$9

ROAST BAKE Coconut bake served with salt-fish buljol or smoked herring, with juice, coffee, tea or cocoa. TT$40 US$6

SANDY POINT Two eggs any style, 3 slices of toast, butter, jam or marmalade with juice, coffee, tea or cocoa. TT$30 US$5

Lunch or Dinner

LOBSTER THERMIDOR Locally caught lobster in a béchamel sauce topped with cheese, perfectly broiled. TT$200 US$31

COAST AND ROAST Sautéed garlic shrimp with grilled pork tenderloin in our special barbecue sauce. TT$200 US$31

T-BONE STEAK 12oz choice beef, grilled to your specification, served with mushrooms and red wine or our special herb sauce. Part tenderloin, part strip-loin, all good. TT $240 US$37

SOUP OF THE NIGHT Either creamy, like calaloo or pumpkin or as a broth with fish, chicken or beef , served with our own home-made bread. TT$25 US$4


Planter’s Punch Dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine. TT$36 US$6
LONG ISLAND ICE TEA Rum, tequila, vodka, gin, triple sec, cola. TT$50 US$8

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PAYMENT – Cash, credit & debit cards
DINING – Open air
DRESS – Day: Casual
Night: Casual smart
ENTERTAINMENT – Live on Friday
SERVING – Breakfast, lunch & dinner Daily 7:30 am – 10:00 pm
Happy Hour Tues - Sun 5:30 pm – 6:30pm
For weddings and events, please call for further information

  • Locate The Steak and Lobster Grill Sandy Point Village Hotel, Crown Point


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Call for Reservations
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