Thank God It’s Friday

​Two-Gun Chemo Kid

ON TUESDAY NEXT, if all continues going well, I will restart my final four cycles of chemotherapy as a hedge against the possible return of cancer. My body will be pumped full of toxic chemicals that will kill everything they touch. Some guys just know how to have fun. I’d say, “Eat your hearts out” but it would be too close to home, since my cancer was oesophageal. (A knowledge of Gray’s Anatomy, the med school text, not the TV show, might be required to catch that joke.)Now I want to believe I’ve been cancer free since my surgery on 10 December last. My surgeons certainly scoff at the idea that they may have sewn me back up with any trace of the big C left in the sleeping BC. They are professional scalpel-slingers and they went into theatre to get the job done – and they in fact put read more...

Trini to d Bone

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Taofik Lucas-Walker, Superstar

My name is Taofik Lucas-Walker and I play the part of Jesus Christ in the play version of the movie The Thorn. I love the name my mom gave me, more so its meaning. Taofik means “blessing, good luck” in Arabic and that definitely describes my life. People say, “How do you spell that? What a weird name!” And then they say, “I’ve never met anyone with that name… Oh, wait, that’s kinda cool!” My friends just call me “T.”I come from a small family, just my dad, Gerard Walker, my mom Joanne Lucas-Walker and my sister Laela Lucas-Walker. Laela is four years younger than me. I am currently single. My parents are Trinidadian but I was born in Washington, DC, in Georgetown in 1998. My dad is from Santa Cruz and mom, St Joseph. I go to both places when I go to Trinidad. But I grew up in the city and I love the Read more...
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BC Pires

is a barrister by qualification (class of 1984) but, for the last 28 years, has done nothing but write to earn a living. His flagship column, Thank God It’s Friday, has appeared in either the Trinidad Guardian or the Trinidad Express since Ash Friday, 1988. He has written about film from an informed lay perspective for the same period and is as close as the cricket-playing West Indies gets to a film critic (though he refuses that label). He has written for many publications, including the London Sunday Observer and the London & Manchester Guardian. Since 2010, his personality-based feature, “Trini/’Bago to D Bone” has been appearing in the Trinidad Guardian. Since 2002, he has been the editor of Cré Olé, the Trinidad & Tobago annual restaurant guide.

The Secret Diary of Donald J Trump, aged 71 ¾

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BC on TV

A Trifecta of What's Best on the Box for Sunday 11 November 2018

On what might be the best day for film choice on cable/DirecTV, ever, all but one of the Also Rans categories have a bolded film – and there’s a Western – one of the best – in the top three! And each of the three choices could legitimately be called BEST FILM OF THE DAY. Today’s Number One Film:*No Country for Old Men, 7.30pm Paramount Channel.Watch this if you liked Apocalypse Now,The Three Burials of Melquiades Estradaor any film by Sam Peckinpah. Part thriller, part Western, as upsetting as it is intriguing, this modern-day drug money heist flick is Cormac McCarthy’s bleak 2005 novel brought to life. It was a natural fit for the Coen Bros’ dark humour and deadpan violence, but it is so overwhelmingly hopeless, it discourages anyone from declaring it Read more...
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